Hammond Releases Symphonic String Library for Sk Series

Hammond Releases Symphonic String Library for Sk Series
December 8, 2014

Hi-Def orchestral sounds add even more versatility to blockbuster keyboard line

Hammond SK1

Hammond SK1

Hammond Organ’s ultra-light Sk Stage keyboards have become the instrument of choice for Professional and Casual players alike due to their combination of classic Hammond Organ tone, and comprehensive array of core keyboard voices preferred by players of every genre.
These players have asked for an Orchestral String Library which can be loaded into the Sk’s exclusive Extravoice division, and their wishes are to be fulfilled. In total, 3 libraries will be issued, with the first 2 debuting on the Hammond USA website (www.hammondorganco.com) on December 8th.
Available as a free download, the libraries can be easily installed into any “Sk” series keyboard using a simple USB “Jump” drive; and once installed, the voices become part of the static memory, ready to be used in presets alone or in combination with the Drawbar/Organ voices.
The first release will comprise a string section played with “Arco” Bowing, giving a staccato attack, and another entitled “Classic Strings” which will be a softer, more legato voice with a slower attack. Variations will include enhanced stereo, mono and octave voicing.
The second release will offer “Marcato” Bowing with a pointed attack, and “Pizzicato” (plucked string). As in the first release, enhanced stereo, mono and octave voicing variations will be featured.
For both releases, Hammond’s innovative Prochord effect will be available in each instance, providing complex open and closed voicings based on the user’s chord structure. Single note melodies played on the upper manual (or upper side on a single manual Sk) will sound those voicings, with perfect enharmonic response. Lush scoring is a melody away.
In January, the third Library will be released which will feature the Sk’s Hi-D

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