Clayton Doley

Sydney Australia

After touring with the The Whitlams in Canada, Clayton moved to New York where he decided to try his luck amidst the highly competitive local music scene. Whilst there he played & recorded with established bands such as “Those Bastard Souls” (featuring members of Jeff Buckley’s band) as well as Nina Pearson the lead singer of The Cardigans. Inspired by the wealth of great music he was exposed to in the US, Clayton returned home in 2001 playing with bands such as Disco Montego, The Badloves and the Legendary Jackie Orszaczky to name just a few.

Clayton and his brother Lachlan have been playing music since their early teens, both self taught musicians on the family piano in Adelaide. Growing up together it was not unusual that they both shared common tastes in music, particular a love of Hammond greats like Booker T and Jimmy Smith.

Currently Clayton is the fiery organist at the heart of The Hands