Rick W

The Legend officially joins the Hammond Family

We are truly proud to welcome RICK WAKEMAN as a Hammond Artist. From his early days with the Strawbs, through his years with Yes, as a Solo Artist and now with ARW (Anderson-Rabin-Wakeman), few artists have had the impact and influence of Rick Wakeman. In Rick’s own words:

“I have had a love affair with Hammonds since 1966 when I first sat at a 3 at the Top Rank Ballroom in Watford where I had just joined a 17 piece resident soul band.
Since then I have toured the world with my C3s, M100 and L100 and various models of Leslie cabinets.. There is no other organ that has ever sounded like a Hammond. They are truly unique. Constant travelling the big boy Hammonds though takes its toll and for many years us keyboard players who loved the Hammond sound on the road had to satisfy ourselves with various digital organ sounds on various synthesisers. …. and then I was introduced to the SK1-73 which genuinely freaked me out it was so good. The tone wheel sound, the amazing Leslie . ….just astonishing and I instantly used it extensively on my re-record ingredients of my King Arthur album and at the live show at the O2 in London. The SK immediately became part of my ARW world touring rig and is a very important part of the sounds I use . I can’t recommend it highly enough to all keyboard players who love the Hammond sound.”

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Ellis Hall on Tavis Smiley!


Hammond Artist Ellis Hall on Tavis Smiley

For the second time in a year, PBS’s Tavis Smiley Show will feature a HAMMOND Artist. Last in was Dr. Lonnie Smith and Friday Sept 23rd, it will be ELLIS HALL. Tune in for some great music, interesting conversation and be sure to tell your friends!
Check your local listings for Broadcast Times.

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Check out this VIDEO of the XK-5’s MULTI-CONTACT KEYBOARD!

Tommy Leerschen demonstrates the new XK-5’s MULTI-CONTACT Keyboard

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GnFnR Rock with DIZZY REED



The legendary GUNS N’ ROSES is making history on their seemingly impossible “reunion” tour; (in fact the tour’s byline is ”Not In This Lifetime”). All the same, they are tearing it up, coast to coast this summer. And Hammond Artist DIZZY F. REED makes it even heavier driving his custom-designed Hammond XK system onstage. You can’t miss him, with the large-scale “Hammond” logo emblazoned on the front of his rig. Congrats to Dizzy and the Band for bringing the Rock once again.


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XK-5 algemeen slider


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