The Hammond SK1-73 now at Carlingford Music Centre


SK1-73  boxMany Keyboardists have accepted the 73 note keyboard as the standard due to the need to play Piano parts comfortably when you’re an Organist or Synth player. Sometimes 61 keys aren’t enough, but the 88 note board is too much- 73 is “just right”. And for any Organist, to play “real deal” Hammond on the larger keyboard can be outright liberating and inspiring. In any case, to have this much firepower in an instrument that is less than 20 pounds is liberating and inspiring in and of itself. The HAMMOND Sk1-73 is“just right” in many more ways.

Hammond SK1-73 introduction by Michael Falkenstein, Hammond-Germany

After a long wait the SK1-73 is now available in Australian stores. Be the first to put the SK1-73 through it’s paces at Carlingford Music Centre.

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SK1-73 long

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